Apr 24

We’re incredibly grateful to MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands) for organizing the Blue Week in Venice—an enlightening gathering that brought together stakeholders committed to advancing sustainable waterborne transport. It was truly inspiring to interact with industry peers and witness the collective efforts towards a greener future.

At Sea Green Engineering, we had the privilege of showcasing our cutting-edge software, NEXT. This tool allows for the early-stage evaluation of the technical and economic feasibility of electrifying vessels. It ensures that the Power Propulsion and Energy (PPE) system is dimensioned within constraints of volume, weight, and vessel stability, while also considering crucial aspects such as onshore charging infrastructure and, importantly, the cost-effectiveness of the proposed solution.

We’re dedicated to offering holistic solutions that address the challenges of sustainable maritime transport. Together, let’s continue pushing boundaries and shaping a more environmentally friendly industry.

Are you a ship operator exploring the transition to zero emissions through electrification? Reach out to us, and we’ll assist you in identifying the most cost-effective solution for your transition journey, from feasibility analysis to comprehensive design, catering to both new vessels and retrofitting existing ones. #BlueWeek #Electrification


Unveiling the NEXT software during Blue Week
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