Apr 21

Sea Green Engineering completed the concept design of a full electric 400 passengers HSC ferry.

You think it, we do it!

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Mar 21

Affordable and flexible electricity storage technologies are set to drive transitions to clean energy around the world. The maritime sector, due to the power, energy and range requirements of many ships types, will require different solutions including batteries, fuel cells and alternative fuels.

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zero jip
Nov 20

We are thrilled to announce that Sea Green Engineering has joined the “ZERO JIP” coordinated by MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands), one of the world’s leading institutes for hydrodynamic research and maritime technology, in which other renowned companies and organizations from the global maritime industry participate.

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Sep 20

 SGE delegation at EuroScience Open Forum 2020 held in Trieste, Italy.

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Unveiling the NEXT software during Blue Week
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Sea Green Engineering’s New Operational Headquarters
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New e-fuels project to make international shipping climate neutral
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Season’s Greetings from Sea Green Engineering
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